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How to Participate in the ICO

This article outlines an eight-step process for first-time participants who have not participated in an ICO before, and an alternative step for Bitcoin owners to swap their Bitcoins for Ethers. Refer to our FAQ if you have questions regarding these processes.

  1. Create your personal Ethereum wallet address at MyEtherWallet. Note that the site name should always start with https:// and the certificate is MYETHERWALLET LLC [US] is in the address bar of your preferred browser.

    1. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms retain the keys to their wallets; thus, Odin Token(s) issued during this ICO, or in the future, will be retained under the ownership of these platforms, and not the user.

    2. Therefore, please ensure that you possess the private key to your wallet. Odin ICO recommends using wallets such as (but not limited to) Exodus, Jaxx, Trezor, or Ledger Nano S, as these wallets allow the user to hold Ethers while being in control of their private key.

  2. You can opt to follow the steps outlined on their website, or follow the steps mentioned in this guide:

    1. Enter a strong but easy to remember password, then click the “Generate Wallet” button.

    2. Download and save the keystore/UTC file. Back it up to a USB drive.

    3. Read the warning carefully, and click “I understand. Continue” button.

    4. You will be given three options: print a paper wallet, save private key, or save a QR code of private key. Back up at least one of these options offline.

    5. Click “Next: Save your Address” and unlock your wallet with the keystore/UTC file or the private key you backed up.

    6. You will be given an address. Save the address into a text file. Optionally, you can bookmark the link on Etherscan, which is used to monitor the progress of any cryptocurrency-based transaction.

    7. Please check all your information and make sure nothing is mismatched.

  3. Follow step 4 to purchase Ethers from cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Proceed to step 5 if you already own Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency and would like to convert your assets to Ethers.

  4. If you would like to buy Ethers, you can either use Coinbase or Both are popular global cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allow users to purchase Ethers through debit and credit cards.

    1. Note that these exchanges are supported by some countries; a reference list is available on our blog.

    2. However, please note that in order for you to retain ownership of Odin Tokens, you must ensure that you are sending Ethers from your personal wallet and not from these exchange platforms.

  5. If you already own Bitcoins or other coins, you can exchange them for Ethers according to the current market exchange rate of Ether against your deposit coin.

    1. Go to
    2. Select the deposit coin accordingly.

    3. Select Ether as the asset you would like to receive.

    4. You can opt for quick or precise conversion. For a quick conversion, you will not be prompted to specify the amount of coins to convert, but Shapeshift will convert within a specified range.

    5. Click “Continue.”

    6. Follow the instructions on the pop-up screen to continue your transaction. You will need to provide your refund and destination (MyEtherWallet) addresses.

    7. A deposit address will be generated for you. Send your asset coins(s) to this address to complete the transaction.

  6. To participate in the ICO, send Ethers from your MyEtherWallet address (or any other wallet where you have control of your private keys) to the address of contract specified in the dashboard.

  7. Specify the default gas value.

  8. Complete the transaction. You will be provided with a transaction hash through the dashboard.

    1. You can monitor the progress in EtherScan using the transaction hash.

    2. You can also check your Odin Token balance on MyEtherWallet. Go to “View Wallet Info” and then “Token Balances.”

Odin Token Sale has ended , Thank you for participating.