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About Odin Platfrom

Odin platform is an ICO information portal and an all-in-one presale token marketplace for potential participants who wish to participate in the booming ICO industry.
Please refer to our roadmap for more information regarding our project development.
The platform is in the works and will be available in the next few months. Check our website to stay updated!
You can view the project roadmap on our landing page. It is also presented in the white paper.
Odin platform makes cryptocurrency news accessible to everyone, regardless of native language, level of familiarity with blockchain/cryptocurrency, etc. Furthermore, it streamlines the KYC/AML process so that users can simply use one portal and one type of token to contribute to different ICOs.
Our participants can contact us through any one of these channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Odin Token

The project token is the Odin Token, and its symbol is . The token is , which is a standard token on the Ethereum blockchain.
ODIN is a utility token that can be used to purchase other tokens of popular upcoming ICOs. Token holders will also earn reward points that can be used to redeem extra privileges in the ODIN platform.

Participating in the Odin ICO

Follow the Odin ICO guide, where we outline step by step how you can obtain an Ethereum address and participate in the Odin ICO.
If you would like to read up on what blockchain is, Blockgeeks has a comprehensive and easy article to explain this technology to newcomers. In terms of the Odin ICO, in short, you will need to obtain an Ethereum address, and send Ethers to our Ethereum address to purchase an Odin Token. Please visit our Odin ICO guide for detailed instructions.
Odin only accepts Ethers. If you hold Bitcoins or other currencies, please change the currency to Ethers. Odin ICO also strongly recommends that you transfer the Ethers from a private Ethereum wallet.
Yes, you will need to purchase a minimum of one token to participate.
If the ICO does not reach its target, you will receive your refund in the amount that you contributed. We will contact all participants and provide step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw their contribution.
Odin Wealth Management AG, a private limited company incorporated in Switzerland, will oversee the development of the Odin Platform.
If you participate in the ICO, then you are an ICO participant! This means that after the ICO reaches its target offering and Odin Platform is ready for use, then you will be considered a token holder. Token holders are able to earn reward points to redeem extra privileges in the Odin platform.
Odin ICO does not restrict the use of any wallets, but we recommend the use of wallets such as Exodus, Jaxx, Trezor, or Ledger Nano S, as these wallets allow the user to hold Ethers while being in control of their private keys.
Please refer to the Odin ICO guide step 5, to convert your Bitcoin or preferred asset coin(s) to Ethers.
There are a variety of fiat-cryptocurrency exchanges available everywhere. While the Odin ICO guide recommends using Coinbase or, participants are not limited to these exchanges and are free to purchase Ethers from their preferred exchange.

Odin Token Sale has ended , Thank you for participating.